Wildlife Art Studio was started 27 years ago by then unknown South African artist Nic van Rensburg. Nic had always had a passion for the fauna and flora of South Africa, and is able to find inspiration daily from his first-hand experiences in nature. From humble beginnings to corporate commissions, the desire to create authentic, artistic representations of wildlife has never been stronger.

The studio has, however, expanded its creative force to include Nic’s son, Armand van Rensburg. He is an incredibly talented sculptor who brings a fresh new perspective to already timeless work.


Like with most worthwhile pieces of art, all the work at Wildlife Art Studio starts with an idea. Fortunately, both Nic and Armand are able to spend a lot of time in the world-famous Kruger Natural Park – it is here that the artists are inspired by what they see. Mother nature is their muse, and they love nothing more than to show her in motion.


All the sculptures and paintings at Wildlife Art Studio are limited editions. Each artwork is presented with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Browse our collection of quality, authentic pieces of art inspired by the bushveld and landscapes of South Africa.



Wildlife Art Studio is proudly a family business. In 1980, Nic van Rensburg was part of the Defense Force when he became involved in their sculpture department and discovered a new way to bring his passion for nature to life. He is completely self-taught, and practices his craft every day to maintain a high standard of workmanship. Nic has created many high-end works of art that are now displayed in countries like the USA, England, Germany, France, Australia, and Mauritius.

Armand van Rensburg, Nic’s son, is blessed with an incredible artistic talent and was inspired by his father turning his passion into his livelihood. Armand completed his first job as a sculptor at age 14, after finishing school has decided to pursue a life-long career in the arts. While he shares his father’s work ethic, he brings his own style and ideas to provide Wildlife Art Studio with a wider range of talents.

Together, the father and son trade ideas, push each other creatively, and enjoy living and working closely with nature


Nic van Rensburg was born in 1959 and has been a professional artist for 27 years. From creating sculptures for Mpumalanga Parks Board in 1997, to doing work for massive corporate clients in recent years, Nic has gone from strength to strength artistically and loves to share his work with the world.


Born in 2000, Armand finished school at Curro Academy Schools in Nelspruit. After finding his aptitude for the arts at an early age, and with the support of his family, Armand decided to follow his talent and decided to become a full-time sculptor.